1930's Lowestoft Holidays


Growing up in Rushden would always entail holidays to east coast resorts of Norfolk and Suffolk .It was said that you could not pay a visit to Great Yarmouth without seeing someone you knew from Rushden. I have to admit that I was 19 before I ever set foot in Great Yarmouth, and within minutes of walking along the front there was someone I knew!.Most of my family holidays were spent around the Sheringham and Cromer area, plus such exotic locations as Waxham Sands and Kessingland..

It wasn't until encountering some old family photos that, after a little research, I discovered that my grandparents holidayed at Lowestoft. The above photo on the left is my grandfather and grandmother in front of the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club Building in Lowestoft. Fortunately this distinctive building gave away the location as it had been assumed this photo was taken in Scarborough. The picture below was taken in 2013 and the area hasn't changed much in the detail. Even the lamp-post is still there albeit now a modern metal structure.

 The exact year of the photo is unknown but assumed to be in the 1930's, The bus gives a clue and it does appear to have the word 'Lowestoft' inscribed at the bottom of its rear though the company name is in-distinctive. I have found that the forerunners of the present Belle Coaches in Lowestoft, namely Shreeve and Co. employed similar looking vehicles in this time period. Maybe there is a bus enthusiast out there who could provide more precise details!

We can even estimate the time of the picture. Using the lamppost in relation to the buildings it would appear they are walking due south. Their shadows are to their left and slightly behind so I would guess, with this being during the summer months, the time would be early morning. Unfortunately on the day I returned to this position, despite the rest of the country basking in sunshine, Lowestoft was under a veil of thick cloud and no shadows are evident.

Along with the picture in front of the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club building there was also a photo of my grandparent along with a crowd of people. It is assumed that this must have been the guesthouse they stayed at along with other residents. Once again this needed a little research to identify its location. Fortunately the distinctive brickwork was a good clue which resulted in locating a terrace of such buildings along Cliff Esplanade. It is uncertain exactly what one of these guesthouses was the building in the top photo but number 11 is probably the strongest candidate of 3 or 4 possibilities.

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